Lights Awn (Lights On) featuring Keisha Henry

Lights Awn, oct 11th


Matt and Noah are icons 2 Ashes. The duo met at a Calvin Klein Charity golf tournament in Spain. They produce music using a variety of sound sources from drum machines and plug ins to guitars, and modular synthesizers receiving input signal from biofeedback microphones. Matt has a Skipper Kee named Vincent. Noah has an American Staffordshire Terrier named Alfred.


Outside the studio, the two love to spend time in the Palm desert preparing for their 2025 Red Planet Fridays residency on Mars, where they plan to perform tracks while doing live interpretive dance on their one wheels.


One wheels and desert golf, vegan food and puppy dogs, and long, tortuous days in the studio make up the better part of the last couple years for these two Los Angeles based composer/producers.

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Sample Track

Introduction (to cloud pop...)

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